basic principles:

Yin Yang
阴 阳

The interplay of yin and yang is always evident, sometimes even obvious, in any situation you can describe. All that exists for us exists in relation to something else. As much as we might sometimes like to think that we are separate, the lesson there is that we only exist in relationship.

5 Agents

The five agents (or five elements) are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Together they make up a dynamic, interdependent system of support, control and exhaustion. A change in one agent changes all five. The proper manipulation of these elements is part of feng shui or bazi.

The Bagua
八 卦

The Early Heaven Bagua is a map of the primordial order and the Later Heaven Bagua is a map of the manifested order here on earth. The trigrams precede the Yi Jing and are paired to form the hexagrams within it. Each hexagram gives information or instructions which can be read as a divination.



You provide your birth information, including time and location. I will hand draft your chart and give you a reading either in person or via Skype. A copy of your chart is included for your reference.

The Yin Side

Feng Shui

I use traditional Chinese methods to help you achieve your goals. Adjustments and cures can be as visible or invisible as you like. I recommend you have a bazi reading prior to your consultation.

Work with Me


Outdoors is where the real wind and water exist. Use your garden to energize your house. I can help you with design, plant selection and plant placement. I'm also great at color selection.

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